One picture is worth a thousand words. Two pictures tell the whole story. Consider our jags and brush guides cheap insurance for your crowns.

To Order

     First of all, due to prior experiences, I highly suggest that if you have any questions at all prior to placing an order to please get in contact with me either thru email: or over the phone at 989-642-5036 (evenings if possible). I prefer a phone call because I can talk better than I can type, but emails are also very much welcome. Phone calls are especially worthwhile when talking about dimensional issues in regards to the making of a custom item.

     Also, if you have any questions about the items themselves, pricing, shipping or payment please contact me first to help avoid confusion before, during or after the item is completed.

     To place an order we request that the customer send a brief note along with their payment describing what they want. If you are ordering jags or brush guides for use on their respective Dewey rods (the rods having male threads) that’s usually all that needs to be stated about the rods themselves. If you are using the new style "Dewey Copper Eliminator Rods" please let me know so that I can install 8-32 male threads on your tools. If you are ordering these items and want them made to screw directly into another manufacturer’s rod, other than a Dewey, I will require you to include in your note the diameter of the ferrule or face of the rod that will come into contact with the item you are ordering. I need the diameter to be accurate so that I can taper the end of the jag or brush guide correctly. If your chosen rod has anything other than the standard 8-32 female threaded hole (5-40 female threaded hole for 17 and 20 calibers), then I also need that information to see if I can come up with a stainless steel set screw to match it. Also, please let me know if you prefer the patch piercing point or the wedge point on your jags.

     If you are ordering a chamber guide I will normally ask you to send me a fully fire formed unsized case to get the required dimensions from.

     Also within your order we would like you to include your complete “Ship To” address along with a phone number that we can reach you at in case further questions arise.

     A personal check or money order made out to Don Leidich (not BRBCP) is acceptable. We do not take credit cards.

     Once received, your order then goes in line. Checks or money orders are not cashed until the items are shipped. Usually orders are shipped within 3 to 12 weeks, after receiving, depending on how busy I am and the size of the order. If you don’t want to carry a personal check on your ledger that long, we will cash it as soon as possible upon your request.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We would like to thank all of our overseas customers for their business through the years, but at this time we will no longer be accepting International orders.

Our address:
Don Leidich   
18855 Nelson Rd.
St. Charles, Michigan