One picture is worth a thousand words. Two pictures tell the whole story. Consider our jags and brush guides cheap insurance for your crowns.

Pistol Cleaning Rods

Our pistol cleaning rods actually consist of two pieces. The longer piece being a 10 inch long rod and the shorter piece being a custom made brush guide. Like our rifle brush guides these will run about .006 of an inch under bore size. These items are made from the same Acetron GP material that we make our other products from.
     These rods and brush guides are offered in various combinations. They start at 38/9mm size and go up from there. A 5/16 inch diameter rod will be used from 38 thru 40 caliber. A 3/8 inch diameter rod will be used from 41 caliber on up. As long as we can learn the diameter of a customer’s bore we should be able to set them up with a pistol cleaning rod and brush guide combination that should work better than anything they’ve used before.
     Our rods, when fitted with a proper size brush guide, should make pulling brushes and jags back into the bore much easier because of the alignment the brush guide offers. Wheel gun shooters, when using the shorter length jags like those offered by Tipton, and screwed in to our brush guides, will notice right away how much easier the job of cleaning cylinders becomes. They will no longer have to constantly work to keep the jag aligned before they can pull it back thru a cylinder hole. Also, if you want to reinsert the same patch while cleaning cylinder holes or individual barrels, the patch can remain impaled on the jag by simply pulling the rod completely thru. The set-up is ready to enter the hole again without having to re-impale the patch. Our pistol cleaning rods will not only become a great time saver in your pistol cleaning routine, they will also help minimize any harm or excess wear that can be caused by using some of the other so called pistol rods out there.
     The overall standard length of any rod and brush guide combination is just over 12 inches. They can be made shorter, if the customer so desires, at no extra cost. They can also be made longer with an additional charge to the customer. Prices on request.
     An 8-32 threaded and counter bored hole is provided in one end of the rod. An 8-32 stainless steel set screw is installed in each brush guide to provide the male thread for joining the two together. The opposite end of the brush guide has an 8-32 threaded and counter bored hole. This is where the respective brushes, jags, and swabs will get screwed into.
     The standard length pistol cleaning rod set-up, from 38 thru 50 caliber will cost $34.00 each. The 5/16 inch or 3/8 inch diameter rods that are 10 inches long are $10.00 each. Custom made brush guides from 38 thru 50 caliber are $24.00 each.

See a full length picture below.