One picture is worth a thousand words. Two pictures tell the whole story. Consider our jags and brush guides cheap insurance for your crowns.

How We Got Started

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These products originated from ideas conceived while shooting long range black powder cartridge rifle competitions. A popular way to control black powder fouling came about a number of years ago, and that is the method of wiping between shots. Shooters were trying a number of different things to get a patch down their barrel while trying to condition the inside of the barrel the same way for each shot. Everything from cleaning rods and brass jags to elaborate bore pigs (nylon bore brush with "o" rings attached) have been tried to achieve this. Some shooters have had good success using these items and a multitude of other items.
After observing how some shooters were shoving these items through their bores, especially during the heat of competition, I couldn't help but wonder about the damage being done to the barrel all the way from the chamber to the crown.
One year at a long range match in Grayling, Michigan, I was squadded with Don Hamilton (a great old black powder cartridge rifle shooter) and at the end of the match Don handed me his version of a jag made from Delrin. That's what got the wheels turning.
The jags that I make today look nothing like what Don gave me, but the idea of that Delrin material, in my mind, had to be one of the kindest materials man has come up with to slide down the bore of a barrel. I started checking on different Delrin type materials and settled on Acetron GP to start making my products from.
Jags were made, tried, redesigned and tried again. Feedback from my early customers had an important hand in what you see today.