One picture is worth a thousand words. Two pictures tell the whole story. Consider our jags and brush guides cheap insurance for your crowns.

Brush Guides

     The brush guides are essentially the equivalent of the long bore riding shoulder area found on our bore riding jags. They are designed to keep your rod almost perfectly centered in the bore after the brush clears the muzzle. One of the leading attributes of my brush guides are that they also maintain the brush almost perfectly centered for reentry back into the bore. This helps eliminate the inherent damage that can be caused by starting to pull a brush back in when it lays at the 6 o’clock position of your muzzle. The second leading attribute, like our jags, is that our brush guides are long enough to allow you plenty of time to stop pushing after the brush clears the muzzle, thereby not allowing the joint between the rod and brush guide to come in contact with the bore and crown area.
30 cal brush and brush guide attached to .250" diameter rod
     I can make brush guides for just about anything within reason as long as I can learn the bore diameter. Thus far I have made brush guides for bores starting at 20 caliber and running thru 50 caliber. They come threaded and tapered to match your specific rod requirements, thereby eliminating the need for adapters. The opposite end is most commonly drilled and tapped to provide an 8-32 female hole to receive the most common male thread used on brushes today. The 20 caliber is drilled and tapped to provide a 5-40 female hole. Male and female threads of different sizes, on this end opposite the rod, can also be provided within reason to match a customer’s specific requirements. This end of the brush guide also receives a 60 degree inclusive taper to help provide for a smooth insertion thru the chamber area.

   When ordering a brush guide please inform us of the rod ferrule diameter along with the thread preference.