One picture is worth a thousand words. Two pictures tell the whole story. Consider our jags and brush guides cheap insurance for your crowns.


Hi Don,

Those .45 and .40 Bore Rider Jags are working excellent for my BPCR rifles, thank you sir!
I honestly don't know how I managed all those years without them, they're THAT GREAT!
Just started building a .308 Win rifle for long range based on a Savage
action and will need one of your wonderful Bore Rider Jags.

Thanx & Regards,

Hi Don, 

The brush extension arrived yesterday, thank you.   I'm very pleased with the fit and the obvious care you've taken in producing the item.   The excellent packaging was a nice touch as well.

 I know its difficult to get excited about cleaning rifles (much more fun shooting them!), but I'm actually looking forward to using it. Thanks again, and I will certainly recommend your products to others.

Kind Regards, Richard H. Lancashire, England  


The jag arrived yesterday and I have used it already.  It is an excellent piece of equipment and I will recommend BRBCP to all my shooting friends and club members.  Thank you for getting it out earlier than expected, it was good doing business with you.

Rick H. Beavercreek, Ohio

Hi Don,

"I've ordered a new gun and will appreciate your letting me know generally about your backlog. I may have to rig up something in the meantime to break-in the barrel. One gets spoiled using your jags and brush guides."

 John F.  Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hi Don,

Just a quick status update on using your bore rider tools.

They work exactly as advertised. I cleaned (MPro7 Gun cleaner gel) my match 223 and 22lr rifles today using rifle specific bore guides and your 223 bore rider jag starting with 1" patches for the 223 and 7/8" patches for the 22lr to wet the bore with bore cleaner. After a few minutes I then did a little scrubbing with more bore cleaner using the felt pellets on the “Dick’s pellet holder tool” in each rifle. (BRBCP comment: Dick’s pellet holder is a tool we are making to use with the 22 caliber VFG cleaning pellets which is in its trial phase right now.)

Next, I ran a very wet 1 1/4" patch thru my 223 and a very wet 1" patch thru my 22lr. After another little while I ran 1 1/4" dry patches thru the 223 and 1" dry patches thru my 22lr.  On the first set of dry patches you could see the rifling lines on each patch. One the second set of dry patches, my 223 actually squeaked while pushing the patch down the barrel.

Lastly, I ran 1" patches with a little lube and corrosion protection oil (MPro7 LPX) down each barrel and put them back in the safe.

I really liked the length of your 223 jag with the 223 brush guide attached to my cleaning rod. The total length of all three kept the cleaning rod handle from hitting the back of my stocks and the brush guide and part of the jag stayed in the barrel. I now have no concerns over damaging my crowns or bores.

I also tried your 22 long rifle chamber guide using my 0.187 inch diameter cleaning rod on my S&W Model 41 barrel. It worked perfect.

Next I used your 38/357/9mm brush guide and pistol cleaning rod on my S&W Model 15 pistol, cylinder chambers and bore. It worked perfect. Just the right length of rod and the brush guide performs the same function as the 223 brush guide.

 I plan to try Wipe Out Patch Out bore cleaner next. My goal is to only use felts and patches to clean. And only if necessary a nylon brush.
I think with these along with using your bore rider tools I can avoid unintended damage to my crowns, barrel, chambers and throats.

Thanks for everything,

Tom E.
Owings Mills, Maryland

The following comment was posted by Boyd Allen on Accurate

Boyd Allen says: 
Other plastic jags that I have seen have been made of materials that are a little too soft and rubbery to suit my taste, and to allow the same patch piercing point that is typical of brass jags. They also lacked any provision for crown protection, and were primarily designed to help prevent false readings as to patch color when using that method to detect copper in a rifle’s bore.
The material that these jags are made from is rigid enough to use the same design, where they hold the patch, as brass jags, and the workmanship appears to be excellent. I see advantages, and no disadvantage.


A voice from the past ....

Last November you sent me what I would call a "set" of jags and brush guides.  This weekend I was able to give them a royal work out.

I bought a borescope.  An inspection of the bores of several of my favorite rifles indicated what I thought was "clean" ... was  not.  After two full days of scrubbing out 15+ years of accumulated crap, all is well.

From your product's perspective I worked a couple of barrels over more in two days than I would normally do in a year.  A careful inspection with the borescope post cleaning indicates none of the asymmetrical wear that could be caused by contact between the cleaning instruments and the bore.  A "well done" from the  perspective of your products.


Tom R.
Las Vegas, NV

Hello Don,

Some time ago, you sent me a set of .223 and .308 jags and brush guides for my Deweys and can’t praise them enough.  You have dun good. I am interested in making another order with you for two items.

Mike B.
Paso Robles, Ca

So far I've only used my .264 jag and brush guide. I'm very pleased; you do fine work. I consider these tools cost-effective, crown-saving, barrel-maintenance insurance. Thank you.

John F.
Santa Fe, New Mexico