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Thursday, April 26, 2012

                                 NEW! 223 PELLET JAGS

     A number of our rimfire benchrest customers from Texas found that the VFG cleaning pellets, sold by Brownell’s, work great on getting the carbon ring out of their barrels. The problem they approached us with had to do with the brass tools they were using to screw the pellets onto. They didn’t like hearing the clunking taking place in their little match grade chambers while using the brass tools.
     What you see pictured above is what we came up with to alleviate their problem. Our pellet jags have the same long bore riding shoulders incorporated into them as our other jags. At this time we are offering them in customer specified lengths from 2” long to 5” long, and threaded and tapered to match the customer’s chosen rod for $30.00 each. Please call or email for a quote if you should desire our 223 pellet jag in a longer length. We also offer a 223 rod, .211” in diameter, 10” long, made from the same plastic as our other items,  drilled, tapped and counter bored on one end  for $14.00. We have found, by working with our customers, that an overall combined length (rod + pellet jag) of 15” works well for going after the carbon ring with most rimfire bolt actions.
     Thanks for looking!

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